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Chrissie Cole

Glass Water Bottles Recalled By Crate and Barrel

Crate and Barrel, in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada, initiated a voluntary recall of Glass Water Bottles in the U.S. and Canada because the bottles have…

Jenny Albano

Polaris Industries Inc. Recalls ATVs Due to Risk of Injury to Riders

Polaris Industries Inc., in conjunction with the CPSC, is recalling about 11,300 “Outlaw IRS” ATVs, Model Year 2006-2008 due to risk of injury to riders.A retention bolt can come loose causing the rear wheels to lock up, which poses a risk of serious injury to the rider. The firm has received 11 reports of loss of control, including one rider who suffered a strained leg muscle.The recalled ATVs…

Jenny Albano

NuCel Labs is Recalling Eye Drops and Eye/Ear Wash Products

NuCel Labs, in conjunction with the FDA, is recalling of all Eye Drops and Eye/Ear Wash. The product has been recalled after an FDA inspection found that the product tested positive for bacteria and particulate matter, which deemed these products non-sterile. Non-sterile eye drops pose a risk of causing eye infections for consumers who use them, which in rare cases can lead to…

Courtney Mills

Recall on Robbie Ducky Watering Cans – Lead Paint Contamination

The Consumer Product Safety Commission in conjunction with Jo-Ann Stores of Hudson, Ohio, is recalling some 6,000 due to lead paint contamination. According to the CPSC, parts of the watering cans are painted with lead-based paint.Lead is a heavy metal and can cause serious brain damage to children. Lead is highly toxic and tends to accumulate in the developing brains of children, causing…

John Rice

Ford Recall on Police Cruisers

As many as 109,664 Ford Crown Victoria police cars recalled because of cracks developing in wheels causing rapid air loss during pursuits. There have been two crashes because of this defect which Ford is disputing. The NHTSA received a letter from Ford’s association director for safety assurance stating that the voluntary recall is only to “avoid a protracted dispute with the agency”.

John Rice

FDA's Warning About Sleeping Pills

The FDA ordered sleeping pill manufacturers to strengthen warnings about two rare but serious side effects. The agency is concerned that these pills are causing users to sleep-drive or perform other complex behaviors while not fully awake. Officials also warn about the life threatening allergic reactions such as severe facial swelling that can occur the first time the pills are taken.

John Rice

Defective Flood Control Pumps In New Orleans

In 2006 the Corps of Engineers knowingly installed faulty flood-control pumps in New Orleans. An engineering expert had warned that the pumps had failed testing and would break down during a hurricane. The pumps were not used in 2006 due to a mild hurricane season.

John Rice

Tobacco jury verdict rejected

On a 5-4 vote, the U.S. Supreme Court threw out a $79.5 million jury award against Philip Morris USA, saying that a jury may punish a defendant only for the harm done to the person who is suing. The company had argued that the jury was encouraged to punish it for health problems suffered by every one who smoked its cigarettes.

John Rice

Peanut Butter Recall

ConAgra estimates the recent Peter Pan Peanut Butter recall will cost the company $50-$60million (including the Great Value recall).Company spokesman Chris Kircher says the company still doesn’t know how much peanut butter is involved in the recall, but Kircher said peanut butter typically generates about 150 (m) million dollars in sales each year.ConAgra chief executive Gary Rodkin told…